PE Learning Center Update

Permaculture Design Course

It’s Friday and that means we have new lessons available for you on the PDC.

PDC Questions and Answers

Jack Spirko, Nicholas Ferguson and Josiah Wallingford are ready for your questions.

PDC Adjunction Videos

More additional content provided to students by the instructors coming.

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PermaEthos is going to Permaculture Voices 2


Join us at Permaculture Voices 2 in San Diego, March 4-8th 2015.

Jack Spirko, Josiah Wallingford, Kevin Keegan, Charlie Mitchell, Jesse Tegtmeier and Michael Jordan will all be in attendance.  Michael Jordan and Jack Spirko will be speaking during the event. Michael Jordan will be teaching the BeeDC on the PermaEthos Learning Center next year.

You can find a full list of speakers here: http://www.permaculturevoices.com/speakers/

If you act by the end of this weekend you can still get the early bird discount price on tickets here: http://www.permaculturevoices.com/registration/

We will have a meet up during the event, check back later for more details.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference.

Jack Spirko and Josiah Wallingford did an interview with Diego Footer from Permaculture Voices Podcast

Jack Spirko just did an interview with Diego Footer on The Survival Podcast

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PE Learning Center Update

Permaculture Design Course

It’s Friday and that means we have new lessons available for you on the PDC.

PDC Questions and Answers

Jack Spirko, Nicholas Ferguson and Josiah Wallingford are ready for your questions.

PDC Adjunction Videos

More additional content provided to students by the instructors coming.

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PE Learning Center Update

Permaculture Design Course

It’s Friday and that means we have new lessons available for you on the PDC.

PDC Questions and Answers

Jack Spirko and Nicholas Ferguson are ready for your questions and have answers ready for the questions you have had.

  • Chapter 1 Q/A with Jack Spirko #1
    • 00:00 – 01:20 – How to ask questions
    • 01:21 – 08:45 – Type 1 Errors
    • 08:46 – 13:05 – Toxins in Desert Soils
    • 13:06 – 16:32 – Loss of Diversity of Staple Crops
    • 16:33 – 21:51 – Can Permaculture Feed the World
    • 21:52 – 23:56 – Completing Lesson and Quiz
    • 22:57 – 26:32 – Designing Your Own Property First
    • 26:33 – 33:38 – Designing Before PDC Finished
    • 33:39 – 42:37 – Calculating Permaculture ROI
    • 42:38 – 43:15 – Conclusion
  • Chapter 1 Q/A with Jack Spirko #2
    • 00:00 – 13:55 – Is the 3rd Ethic “Return of Surplus” or is it “Setting Limits to Population and Consumption”?
    • 13:56 – 21:33 – Is a Non-Profit in line with Permaculture Principles, or is it unsustainable because it relies on donations?
    • 21:34 – 23:31 – Are there other examples of greening the desert? Would West Texas be a good place to do this domestically?
    • 23:32 – 33:41 – What role do deserts play in ecology? Should all deserts be reversed?
    • 33:42 – 35:53 – Final Thoughts
  • Chapter 2 Q/A with Jack Spirko #1
    • 00:00 – 05:50 – How does identifying weeds lead to plant selection in a design
    • 05:50 – 07:30 – Is it true that there’s no such thing as a weed in Permaculture
    • 07:31 – 14:13 – How do weeds relate to annual vs. perennial agriculture
    • 14:14 – 18:52 – How do you select the location of a spillway
    • 18:53 – 26:36 – How do we avoid erosion with swale spillways
    • 26:37 – 30:00 – How do we factor succession into the long term planning of a system
    • 30:01 – 34:15 – What’s the best way to identify weeds
    • 34:16 – 39:02 – How does one deal with a true problem weed
    • 39:03 – 41:37 – How are we handling the erosion above the greenhouse
    • 41:38 – 48:07 – What tools, people, or processes are used in planning
    • 48:08 – 52:08 – Conclusion
  • Chapter 2 Q/A with Nicholas Ferguson #1
    • 00:00 – 02:20 – Does slowing water down help prevent erosion
    • 02:21 – 04:30 – What tools, people, or processes are used in planning
    • 04:31 – 07:16 – Can succession be sped up
    • 14:14 – 10:51 – Who would you do the parking lot differently
    • 10:52 – 14:30 – Did Keyline Design play a role in the Earthworks at Elisha’s Spring
    • 14:31 – 21:40 – What is a weed, what can they do for us
  • Chapter 3 Q/A with Jack Spirko #1
    • 00:00 – 07:04 – How can I jumpstart my botanical knowledge
    • 07:05 – 13:16 – Are allopathic trees okay in zone 4
    • 13:17 – 18:02 – Can a zone 5 exist inside of a zone 4
    • 18:03 – 23:05 – Why do a zone analysis before a sector analysis
    • 23:06 – 28:53 – Why break down your land into zones
    • 28:54 – 29:16 – What are crop line plants
    • 29:17 – 30:09 – Conclusion

PDC Adjunction Videos

Additional content provided to students by the instructors.

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Internship application is open

The application for PermaEthos internship 2015 that will take place on Elisha’s Spring Farm can be accessed by clicking

-Join our team

Best of luck to all applicants!

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Announcing the 2015 PermaEthos Internship program!

In the spring of 2015, PermaEthos will begin its Internship Program at Elisha’s Spring Farm. Participants will gain hands on experience with: Earthworks; Plant Propagation; Poultry; Cattle; Pigs; Rabbits; Compost; Bee Keeping; and Vermiculture; as well as learning the day to day operations of a PermaEthos property. 

Our Interns will have access to the knowledge, and expertise, of PermaEthos’ amazing network of staff, consultants, advisors, and WWOPFERs.

Whether you would like to gain experience to meet the needs of sustainable farms seeking help every day, or just looking to learn essential skills to run your own homestead, this is an opportunity of a lifetime!

We will begin accepting applications Nov. 7th to fill our March 14th – June 27th openings.

Please direct any serious inquiries or questions to: HR@permaethos.com

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PermaEthos First Annual Fall Festival Now Open to All

We have had ticket sales to the PermaEthos Fall Festival open only to members of Class 001 and Founders since Sunday.  We have now opened the event to all.

This is going to be an incredible time at the PermaEthos Farm in Walton West Virgina.  There will be classes by Jack Spirko, Josiah Wallingford, Nick Ferguson, Michael Jordan and more.  Full details are available at,


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Gauging Interest in a BeeDC

Right now we are in discussions with Michael Jordan, AKA “The Bee Whisperer” about developing a course for both experienced and aspiring bee keepers. The course if produced as planned will occur in 15 chapters over a 15 month period. We are calling it a BeeDC or Bee Design Course. A full course on keeping bees the permaculture way.

The course will cover every aspect of bee management from legal issues, marketing products, building hives, setting up hives, dividing hives, trouble shooting problems and more. Here is the current proposed shooting and release schedule for the course.

  • Chapter One – Laws
  • Chapter Two – History
  • Chapter Three – Getting Started
  • Chapter Four – Build a Bee Hive
  • Chapter Five – Site location and setup
  • Chapter Six – Order bees – prep – build food for spring run
  • Chapter Seven – Bee installation – How to split hives – making queens – install a nuke – install a package
  • Chapter Eight – Building a “bee food forest” – make sure bees have pollen paddy – floral investigation (flowers, apples, etc) – wheel barrels – trailers
  • Chapter Nine – Honey flow – pest control – alternative medications – disease control – alternative food sources
  • Chapter Ten – First honey flow season – see if boxes are getting honey – manipulating bee hive (adjustment of population) – Hive management – Swarm management
  • Chapter Eleven – First honey spin – polin traps – 2 week inspection
  • Chapter Twelve – winterizing – downsizing boxes, spinning all you can get out of the boxes – food creation for october
  • Chapter Thirteen- Beginning of new mentorships
  • Chapter Fourteen- Winterizing – wrap hives for warmth – make powder sugars for emergencies
  • Chapter Fifteen – Maintenance of hives for next year

This course would likely cost about 500 dollars if we produce it as in depth as currently planned. We would offer it for those that wanted the option for a monthly payment plan during the course at a slightly higher cost. Likely 15 payments of something like 40 a month if not paid in full. Though no final pricing has been set or committed to at this time.

This would be a major undertaking for both PermaEthos and Michael so we want to gauge interest before going any further. If you would be interested in this course, please fill out the form below.

If for any reason you don’t see the form below you can directly access it at http://bit.ly/bee-dc

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Nick Ferguson Introduction

Nick Ferguson plays a lot of roles. He is a Permaculture designer and consultant for PermaEthos. He also is part owner of PermaEthos and director of Permaculture Classroom. Nick is in the process of shooting a Plant Propagation course for the Learning Center and has a whole lot more in the works.

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Very Important Updates About the PDC

We wanted to do a quick post for updates about the current Permaculture Design Course that we have running.  If you are not a student of class 001 this post doesn’t apply to you but you may find it interesting anyway.

First in case you missed the announcement the PDC is live and has been since the 8th.  You can login at http://learn.permaethos.com.  You can log in with the username and password you set up when you purchased the course.  If you can’t find your password and username we can help you but PLEASE go here first,  http://support.permaethos.com/faq/

In the FAQ you will see a link for instructions to reset your password. Please follow these instructions before submitting a support ticket, because if you don’t, it is going to be the first thing we suggest.

We have also heard from a few users that use mobile devices that said they can’t see the login link at the Learning Center.  We have done our best to make the site work with all devices but it is of course impossible to test for every single device.  As a work around if you want to log in with a mobile device and don’t see the log in link, just point your device to https://learn.permaethos.com/my-account/ then book mark it on your device so you can get back to it easily.

Next up we have begun producing “Adjudicative Videos” for the PDC.  You will see this in your PDC course listed as “Adjunction” under each respective chapter as they are recorded.  The first one published today in Chapter One is by Jack Spirko and it is about getting the most from the PDC and how to progress though it for best effect.  We recommend you watch it as soon as possible as it will be very useful in working though the entire course.

The number of these videos will be subject to the discussions we see about each video and our perceived needs of making the class work best for all.  These are not Question and Answer videos, you should see them as bonus educational videos designed to enhance the PDC as that is what they are.  In effect we are already going beyond a typical PDC, we estimate there will be at least 14 hours of adjunctive instruction provided to all class members.

Lastly, we will soon add a section to each chapter called, “Questions and Answers”.  This is where to go to post questions that you want an instructor (Jack Spirko or Nick Ferguson) to answer directly.  We are doing this because there is so much discussion already between students and instructors on the comments for each video it makes it hard for us to sort out exactly what is a question for us to answer in the Q&A section.  So we would like to ask two things of students in this regard.

1.  Please post your questions in the Questions Section for the Chapter your question pertains to.  Please don’t post them on the individual videos.  Well you can but you will likely get text answers there from fellow students, not a video response from an instructor.

2.  In the questions section please just ask questions and follow up questions, keep the side chat in the individual video comment threads.

We are not doing this to be strict or anything we are doing it so we can be as efficient as possible at answering as many of your questions as we can.  If we have to sort though 200 comments to find 12 questions we won’t be able to be sure we are doing a good job as your teachers.  So thanks for helping us out with this one.

In the end we are really trying to make this the best PDC anyone has ever done, ever.  Best regards in your learning,

The PermaEthos Team

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