PermaEthos First Annual Fall Festival Now Open to All

We have had ticket sales to the PermaEthos Fall Festival open only to members of Class 001 and Founders since Sunday.  We have now opened the event to all.

This is going to be an incredible time at the PermaEthos Farm in Walton West Virgina.  There will be classes by Jack Spirko, Josiah Wallingford, Nick Ferguson, […]

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Gauging Interest in a BeeDC

Right now we are in discussions with Michael Jordan, AKA “The Bee Whisperer” about developing a course for both experienced and aspiring bee keepers. The course if produced as planned will occur in 15 chapters over a 15 month period. We are calling it a BeeDC or Bee Design Course. A full course on keeping […]

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Nick Ferguson Introduction

Nick Ferguson plays a lot of roles. He is a Permaculture designer and consultant for PermaEthos. He also is part owner of PermaEthos and director of Permaculture Classroom. Nick is in the process of shooting a Plant Propagation course for the Learning Center and has a whole lot more in the works.

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Very Important Updates About the PDC

We wanted to do a quick post for updates about the current Permaculture Design Course that we have running.  If you are not a student of class 001 this post doesn’t apply to you but you may find it interesting anyway.

First in case you missed the announcement the PDC is live and has been since […]

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New Feature at PermaEthos.TV Open to All

Hey guys and gals, we have a new feature at PermaEthos.TV that is open to all.  As you know PermaEthos.TV is in beta and during the beta videos are for members of class 001 only.  But we have something cool that is now open to everyone.

We have a new photo gallery there, with a new […]

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PermaEthos.TV is Live in Beta

We just wanted give everyone a quick update about PermaEthos.  We have now launched PermaEthos.TV.  PermaEthos.TV will eventually be a stand alone product of the PermaEthos Initiative. PermaEthos.TV will be an educational and entertaining set of programming.  It will not be a “course” or a certification, just an incredible and amazing video product with tons […]

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PDC First Block Launch Date Set – August 8th

ATTENTION CLASS 001 – the first ever PermaEthos PDC will officially begin on August 8, 2014 – Friday next week.

The entire ownership and management team at PermaEthos would like to extensively thank all members of Class 001 for helping to make PermaEthos, the PDC and all the other things we are doing possible.

In our original […]

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Podcasts with Josiah and Jack

Josiah Wallingford and Jack Spirko join Paul Wheaton of Permies.com for a two part podcast. They also do an interview with Diego Footer of Permaculture Voices.

Permaculture Voices


Permies Part 1


Permies Part 2

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Breakfast in 37 Seconds

We like to understand how our life systems live and interact in their environment. So, we put a time-lapse camera inside of our chicken coop to see just how the life of the chickens was going.

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Jesse Tegtmeier, Tenant Farmer Introduction

Jesse is a PermaEthos tenant farmer who is currently working at Elisha’s Spring farm. He gives us an update on what is going on and how you can help out.

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