Podcasts with Josiah and Jack

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Breakfast in 37 Seconds

We like to understand how our life systems live and interact in their environment. So, we put a time-lapse camera inside of our chicken coop to see just how the life of the chickens was going.

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Jesse Tegtmeier, Tenant Farmer Introduction

Jesse is a PermaEthos tenant farmer who is currently working at Elisha’s Spring farm. He gives us an update on what is going on and how you can help out.

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Zello Crew Meetup at Elisha’s Spring Farm

The Zello crew came to Elisha’s Spring farm for their annual meet up. We had a blast and got a lot of work done. The staff at PermaEthos would like to give a special thank you to Joshua (PAPrepper) and Erin (Lighthorse) for their hard work in making all of the arrangements and keeping […]

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The Hidden Horror of CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder)

At PermaEthos we are working hard to get our first flagship farm profitable and already thinking about the next few farms.  We are working to teach Permaculture to as many people as we can and spread as much knowledge as we can as fast as we can.  One reason we are doing this is […]

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A Day in the Life at PermaEthos

Right now we are looking for people to join the team as short term Wwopfers and Element Partners, we will also be hiring a third Tenant Farmer.  If you are interested please fill out the appropriate form and we will get in touch with you.  If you want to know what life is like […]

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Some More Video Updates from PermaEthos – Pigs, Kelly’s Progress and Jake’s Introduction

First Kelly Herrin crosses the Rockies, he should be in and all set up to start filming by Monday.  Which is great becuase initial earth works begin on Monday, we have machines coming in to set up the camp ground parking area for future workshops and put in two ponds, so along with filming […]

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New Community Features

We have been working hard to make the PE Community better every day. We just added a new Geo feature. You can now put yourself on the community map so that you can find other members near you.

To add yourself to the list simply login to the PE Community and add your location inside of […]

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Kelly Herrin is on His Way to the Farm

Just a quick update we received in from Kelly Herrin the video producer that will be filming the PDC at Elisha Springs and producing other content as well.  He is currently in his own words, “somewhere in Utah” with about 2,000 miles left to drive as he heads east away from the world of […]

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Sugar – The PermaEthos Farm Dog

Say hello to Sugar. Sugar one year old and is a mix breed of half Great Pyrenees and half Anatolian.

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