About PermaEthos

About PermaEthos

Deliver Top Quality Permaculture Training Programs


PermaEthos conducts multiple training courses and workshops.  Some of our educational programs consist of short term field workshops that run from several days to several weeks and are conducted on one of our farms.  These include classes on Livestock Management, Permaculture Earthworks, Pond and Dam Building, Food Forest Establishment and much more.

We also provide online training courses with interactive instructor support.

Our first such online program is our 72 Hour Permaculture Design course which attracted over 1,300 students during our first open enrollment period.  At present time, we have two additional online courses planned in the short term.  These are a Permaculture Bee Design Course (BDC) conducted by Michael Jordan, also known as “The Bee Whisperer”, and a Plant Propagation and Small Nursery Establishment Course conducted by Nick Ferguson of PermacultureClassroom.com

More online and offline classes are already in development.


The PermaEthos Model

The word PermaEthos is made up of two parts,

  • Perma – to be permanent, to last and endure, to be sustainable
  • Ethos – ideals that characterize a community

At PermaEthos that is precisely what we are all about.  Communities based on permaculture ethics of care of the earth, care of people, and return of surplus to our communities.

We have four Primary Missions at PermaEthos

  1. Design, implement and manage profitable Permaculture farms
  2. Deliver top quality Permaculture training programs
  3. Empower real world and virtual communities built on Permaculture Ethics
  4. Create educational and entertaining Permaculture-based on-demand video programming


Design, Implement and Manage Profitable Permaculture Farms

PermaEthos works with farm owners to transform their farms into full on profitable Permaculture communities.  In a typical model, we provide a Farm Steward, assisted by 2-3 Tenant Farmers, who establish the farm, oversee operations, design sustainable systems and bring the farm into productivity.

Over a 1-4 year implementation, farms are transformed into self-sustaining communities and farm labor is shifted into our unique “Element Partner Model”.   In doing so, we expand opportunities for individuals that want to make a living in the Permaculture way by empowering entrepreneurship and giving qualified individuals the initial training, support and, at times, portion of the startup capital they require to develop their own business units on one of our farms.


Empower Real World and Virtual Communities Built on Permaculture Ethics

In May of 2014, we launched Community.PermaEthos.com, the first online community of its kind.  Our online community is designed to blend PermaEthos offline communities and virtual online communities into one all-encompassing master community of Permaculturists.

The community empowers us to share ideas, conduct open source research, tailor training to our communities’ demands and directly communicate with customers and clients.  The community also provides members with a way to directly exchange information and work on projects and courses from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

The online forum is really only one piece of the total virtual community represented by PermaEthos.  It has been built to allow students to move from our courses to discussions with other community members, then to watch our educational programs on Permaculture, and back to their course work seamlessly.


Create Educational and Entertaining Permaculture Based On Demand Video Programming

PermaEthos.TV is an on demand educational and entertaining video system that allows subscribers to see daily life on Permaculture farms.  From installing fencing and earthworks, to building housing and facilities for the community to use, it is all on demand in quality HD programming.

PermaEthos.TV is designed to be the “big tent” of PermaEthos reaching the broad Permaculture audience that is hungry for real world content.  With PermaEthos.TV you will see the real world of Permaculture like never before.  The challenges, the long days, the victories and even the defeats that come with developing full on Permaculture systems.