7 Reasons Coastal Living Keeps the Blues Away

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Imagine riding the Melbourne waves every morning. Imagine relaxing by the azure oceans of Bali’s jaw-dropping beaches. Imagine living your daily life near the sea.

Almost everyone would agree that beaches are magical. Living near the ocean has most probably been a part of everyone’s dream. And with everything that has happened around the world, living the dream as early as you can doesn’t seem like a bad idea. But if you’re still hesitating to go for it, this list of reasons why you should consider coastal living as soon as possible will give you the push you’ve been waiting for.


It can be a blessing for your professional growth.

To get to all the pros, let’s get the main con out of the way first. Living near the beach is not cheap. Buying the land alone can cost quite a lot.

But what if you can get all of that back? Living near the beach can be a professional investment in yourself. Using the main argument against coastal living, it can be concluded that the people who usually live close to the shore are successful and loaded. By living in that area or even a few minutes away, you are giving yourself the keys to the million-dollar coastal community network. And through networking within this community, you can gain access to many business opportunities that can help take your career to greater heights.

It is a real estate goldmine.

Speaking of investments, one of the most obvious perks of buying an estate near the beach is that its value will only grow bigger. Beach houses alone increase in value annually. If you purchase property wisely and choose an area that can become a tourist spot, then your property will also lead to local business opportunities.

And if you’re still concerned about the finances, you can get the best of both worlds by buying land within walking distance from the beach instead. With $350,000, you can already get a house and lot package 15 minutes away from the beachfront. By the time you get home, there will be no sand to sweep. Win-win.

coastal line


Living near the beach can drastically improve your physical health.

The ocean is rich in minerals that have anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. The seawater contains iodine, potassium, sodium, magnesium, and many other minerals that can help with something as simple as acne breakouts and more serious skin complications like psoriasis and dermatitis.

Coastal living also provides a more convenient way to get soaked in the sun. The vitamin D produced by your skin through contact with sunshine can help in losing weight, fighting depression, and reducing your chances of developing heart diseases.

Most importantly, living near the beach can induce a more active lifestyle. Swimming casually and leisurely can burn around 200 calories. Since walking on sand needs more effort than using a treadmill, jogging by the beach will help you with your cardio more than any machine can. Basically, the beach can become your new gym.

Coastal living works wonders for your mental health.

The ebbing and flowing of the waves are some of the most calming sounds nature has to offer. Sleeping near the beach can be a breeze because of the sound of the waves and the breeze itself. You can easily absorb oxygen through the negatively charged ions in the sea air, thus helping you get a fully revitalizing sleep.

Various researches also show that living near the beach can also help in deflecting depression and anxiety. Seeing the line where the sky meets the sea straight out of your window can have that effect. With the horizon as your poster and the shore as your backyard, it’s not doubtful how relaxing life could be.


Living near the sea can give you a creative boost.

If you or your family members are in the creative industry, living near the beach will amp up your creative juices. May it be music, visual arts, or literature, coastal living will surely buff the artistic side of you.

There will be another reason for the kids to come home.

Kids. Nowadays, when they’re young, nothing can convince them to drop their phones and head out. And when they get older, convincing them to come home and spend some time with the family is almost impossible. Coastal living changes that. The children will surely love to come out and play, and the distant ones will have another reason to go back home.

You will have access to fresh seafood.

You can eat seafood out of the ocean daily. And since you’re living near the source, the seafood price in the local market is way lower.


Overall, living near the beach is a wise decision. As the value of coastal properties increases, getting one as early as today is a sound investment. The property might cost a lot initially, but remember that the happiness you get waking up to the breathtaking scenery is priceless.

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