Deck Improvement Projects To Increase Property Value

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  • Upgrade Deck Flooring: Refresh existing decks to increase aesthetic appeal and protect the wood from weather and aging.
  • Invest in Fixtures and Furniture: Add built-in seating and benches, railings, and customized planters and pots to enhance the deck.
  • Enhance Lighting Options: Install proper lighting along stairs and railings for safety and ambiance.
  • Invest in a Pergola or Patio Cover: Extend the outdoor living space and provide needed shade on sunny days.

Upgrading your deck can be a great way to increase the value of your home and make it more enjoyable to spend time outdoors. With so many options available for deck upgrades, it can be difficult to know where to start. From materials and finishes to features and accessories, there are endless possibilities for making your outdoor space look and feel its best. Here are some of the best deck upgrades you should consider to boost curb appeal and resale value for your home.

Upgrade Deck Flooring

Upgrading the flooring of an outdoor deck is one way to add value to a home. Not only does refreshing older decks increase the aesthetic appeal, but it also helps protect the wood from weather and aging. Quality deck coatings are necessary to properly seal and protect the wood, preventing warping, splitting, and cracking due to atmospheric components.

Utilizing safe and strong materials that can withstand extreme temperatures and resist mold can go a long way in helping maintain the quality of a deck for many years down the road. Additionally, opting for specially designed patterns or colors can help enhance any outside area, with general maintenance being easy to perform regularly.

Invest in Deck Fixtures and Furniture

Here are some fixtures and other furniture you can add to your deck:

Add Built-In Seating and Benches

benches on front yard

Adding built-in seating and benches to a deck can be an excellent way to upgrade your home’s exterior and add value. Built-in seating can provide an inviting atmosphere for entertaining, maximize existing space and bring sophisticated aesthetic charm. When deciding to add built-in seating, consider the layout and overall deck composition to ensure enough room for furniture, people moving around, and access to lights or grills.

Additionally, use durable materials like composite decking boards engineered to resist weather damage from heavy rain or wind. Doing so will keep your seating investment lasting longer than traditional wood materials. It may also be beneficial to ensure all safety precautions have been considered before using any chairs or benches on a deck area. Not only is adding built-in seating an aesthetically pleasing upgrade that adds value to your home, but it also ensures additional comfort and practicality when entertaining outdoors.

Consider Adding Railings

Deck railings are a great addition to any home and are one of the best ways to increase their value. They improve the overall appearance of the deck and add safety since they prevent individuals from accidentally falling off. Railings should be made with durable materials such as steel, aluminum, or vinyl and installed according to local building codes since each municipality has its safety regulations.

It is also important to pay attention to the design of the railing; it should complement the deck’s architecture while maintaining practicality and proper functionality. Installing quality railings on a deck can significantly increase its resale value, by as much as 20%. When purchasing a home, people looking for an upgrade will often consider features such as decks with railings, which make for an attractive selling point for any homeowner looking to increase its market value before putting it up for sale.

Enhance Lighting Options

Enhancing lighting options is a common deck upgrade that can provide maximum value when done properly. Whether you plan on selling the property in the future, or simply want to enhance the outdoor living experience, properly upgrading the lighting can make all the difference.

Installing proper lighting along stairs and railings can enhance visibility while highlighting design features of your deck. The clever use of task and accent lighting can also create an ambient atmosphere during evening gatherings.

Invest in a Pergola or Patio Cover

Investing in a pergola or patio cover can be a smart addition to your deck as it will ultimately increase your home’s value. It effectively extends your outdoor living space and provides some significantly needed shade on sunny days. These structures are designed with roof beams made from materials like treated lumber, vinyl, aluminum, hardy woods, and more.

This offers homeowners an argument for durability and sustainability within their landscape design. Furthermore, integrating pergolas or patio covers into their layout can create focal points that elevate their yard’s aesthetic value.

Add Customized Planters and Pots

beautiful garden

Installing customized planters and pots around a deck can be a great upgrade for homeowners looking to improve their home’s value. This is because these additions add an attractive aesthetic to the outside of the property, boosting its overall appearance to passers-by or potential buyers.

Not only do planters create more visual appeal, they also offer practical benefits such as more separation between tree roots and the deck itself, improved air circulation which is important for preventing decay in the wood, as well as pathways that may help protect more delicate plant species from getting flattened. It’s always worth considering what plants will best suit each space to take full advantage of customized planters and pots.

These are just some of the best deck upgrades you should consider if you want to boost your home’s curb appeal and resale value. Following these tips ensures that your outdoor space looks and performs its best for years.

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