Designing Your Dream Home: Follow the Trend or Follow Your Heart?

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The dawn of Pinterest and home tour videos on YouTube dramatically changed the way people see their homes. But even before social media, interior and exterior design magazines are already influencing people on how they should style their spaces. The unspoken rule is that you have to follow a certain theme or aesthetic when designing your home; if you’re going for traditional, for instance, then all elements in the space must be traditional.

Nowadays, though, home designs are a lot more flexible, allowing two or more different styles to mix together. Some people would rock an industrial-style pad, but also incorporate a few rustic elements in the space. Needless to say, the current home design trends are more interesting, diverse, and playful.

But to some, especially homeowners with a tight budget or a nonexistent penchant for design, designing a dream home is tricky. Owning a prime house and land package, they would want an abode that’s stunning and up-to-date but reflects their personality at the same time. The problem is, sometimes, trends and one’s personality don’t always blend well.

Hence, should you design your dream home by following the trend, or your heart?

What Your Home Says About You

Having a trendy space doesn’t necessarily mean that it has no personality, but it may not have much impact. That’s because most of the time, aspirational design and decor have little to do with your actual lifestyle. Take a look at home photos on Pinterest; they are undoubtedly beautiful and insanely photogenic, but do they give you an idea who lives in the home?

Most probably not. Instead of a cozy home, the spaces remind you more of a hotel lobby. As such, designing your home with high-polished trends can reduce the authenticity of your space. You don’t really have a purpose for your expensive decor and furnishing, other than they are pretty to look at and make you feel accomplished.

It’s not entirely a bad thing, though. Following the trend could also mean that you have goals. And by constructing and designing your dream home like a cover of a magazine, it shows that you have reached your goals, and are proud to show it off.

However, a high-polished space doesn’t suit everyone. It’s usually just their glamour that pulls people in. You’ll notice the difference when you walk into an abode with plenty of personal photos, indoor plants, cozy sectional sofas, and a kitchen that’s stacked with wares and appliances. They’re not always trendy, but they feel more welcoming, comfortable, and relatable.

Displaying family photos indicate that you have a nostalgic personality. You take comfort in creating memories and look forward to human interaction. Collecting indoor plants, meanwhile, show that you like to keep things fresh. You’re open to changes and aren’t afraid to switch up your decor from time to time. The sectional sofas or other types of seating that allows conversations reflects how social you are, and the cluttered kitchen reveals that you are an entertainer at heart.

Therefore, consider your personality when designing your dream home, even if you choose to follow trends. You can always mix both anyway, but keep in mind that a home feels more authentic when it reflects the dweller’s personality.

Pointers For Following Your Heart

indoor plants

Following your heart can be a bit tricky too, especially if you don’t know much about design. It could also mess up your space if you’re sloppy at heart!

Hence, design your space for the life you really live. If you deal with clutter every day, focus on storage. If you’re an athlete, stock up on sporting goods, sports-related decor, and make sure that you have a space for practicing, like a sprawling yard or a big basement. Surround your abode with the things you love and don’t be afraid to make changes whenever you want to. Your space should always be a tangible representation of your lifestyle.

Be genuine; don’t buy something you can’t afford just to impress. Instead, choose a few investment pieces, particularly those that need to last, then bargain for the rest.

Take your time as well. Don’t rush in finishing the space. The most beautiful homes are those with furnishings that look collected over time. So relish every moment in the space, and you’ll eventually figure out the changes you can still make, or the pieces you can still add.

If trends are where your heart is, edit your decor in a way that “makes the most fabulous items really sing”, according to Carson Kressley of “Get A Room.” Make them unique, and show that following trends don’t always result in a cookie-cutter space. Whichever the aesthetic you end up with, your home should be an extension of yourself, and a reflection of your goals.

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