Five Important Things to Remember When Designing a Cozy Kitchen

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How much time do you spend in the kitchen? You may not notice it, but you’re spending an average of two to three hours every day there. You’re preparing breakfast for the kids. You go home and start cooking dinner. Your dining area stands merely as an extra room. You eat, share, and talk in the kitchen. The family ends up eating on the kitchen island, with everyone gathered around the dishes you so lovingly prepared. This is how it looks like for a lot of families. So why shouldn’t you want a cozier kitchen?

Use Comfortable Seating

Some estate agents are especially focused on creating comfortable seating in the kitchen and dining. They know this is something that a potential homebuyer would take into consideration. Can a kitchen be truly cozy without a pleasant spot to take the load off? Invest in cushioned chairs and bar stools. You can turn the kitchen island into your dining table. This way, your family can take their breakfast there or grab some mid-afternoon snack. For adult guests, this is also a cozy way to share some cocktails.

Put a Pop of Color

A bare and white kitchen looks pristine, but it doesn’t look cozy at all. Add color to your wall, whether it be a splash of yellow or bright orange to bring in some fun into the room. You can also choose to color your kitchen cabinets with bold paint. You can have an accent wall and have that colored differently than the rest of the walls.

Change the Lights

Your kitchen needs lights for it to look cheerful. Consider installing brighter light bulbs, though never fluorescent. Spruce the room up with more modern light fixtures. You can also brighten up the space by opening the blinds and letting more natural light in. For privacy and better protection, you can use sheer panels as drapes. This way, you can let the light in while not compromising your privacy.

Clean Up

Studies said that a messy kitchen countertop is not at all cozy. It doesn’t make the kitchen look “lived,” as some suggest. Rather, messy and cluttered countertops are unattractive. It makes the homeowner look irresponsible. There’s an easy way to address this problem. Organize. Clean up the things that are piling up. Do you really need to keep those old bills from two years ago? Clear out the drawers so you have space for your mails, utensils, and other kitchen items.

Go with Plants

Luxury kitchen

A kitchen should have a soul. One way to give it a unique personality is to put plants. You can use herbs, spices, and other edible plants to line up the windowsill. Some succulents can also decorate a corner of the kitchen countertop. This will give your kitchen that feeling of warmth. Even small kitchens can benefit from a few well-placed plants.

Do not be afraid to experiment with your kitchen. Keep in mind that your family is going to stay in this room. What do they want? What are the things that will make them comfortable? Focus on what will actually make them want to stay in the kitchen area.

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