Five Things to Remember When Renovating a Kid-friendly Home

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Renovating a home is often a stressful undertaking. You have to deal with contractors and workers. You have to find the right materials and negotiate their prices. There are a million things you have to deal with on top of work and other personal errands. Oh, not to mention, you have to do it with the kids in mind, too. Does the difficulty go up when the renovation involves kids? Yes, definitely. Will someone cry? You, most probably.

Get Them Out of the Way First

You’re trying to redesign a house where kids are going to run around screaming and playing all-day-long. This is a serious challenge because there are a lot of places in the house that are not for kids. The first thing you have to do is call a contractor to determine the full EICR cost and other structural renovations.

One of the most critical components of renovation is making sure that all systems are a go. This means checking the electrical wires and the plumbing system. You also have to inspect the septic system (if you have one). Once you are sure your home is structurally sound and the foundation is stable enough for the renovations, then you can begin journeying with your kids through the whole redesign process.

Let Your Kids Join in the Decision-making

Your kids want to have a role in the renovation process, especially when it comes to their rooms. Strike a deal with them. Tell them that they can choose the color and design for their rooms (these are easily changed) if they let you pick the furniture (more permanent). You can ask their inputs about the kitchen and living room, too. You never know what kind of crazy idea can actually work in these common areas.


Plan for What They Will Need in the Future

One of the biggest mistakes anyone can do when renovating a home for kids is not thinking about what they will need in the future. They can have a big boy’s bed already, so you don’t need to buy a new one when they’re bigger. It’s okay to redesign their rooms once they’re teenagers, but now two years after today when they suddenly grow five inches in height. It’s a waste of money to renovate only for what they want today.

Talk to them about what they might want in the future. Make sure there are a lot of storage boxes because kids tend to have a collection of everything—action figures, stickers, stuffed toys, bows, and what-not. Consider getting a bunk bed if you plan on having more kids or if there’s already a baby in the house who needs to move from your room in the future.

Separate Rooms If Possible

Do you have a large house? If it’s possible to give each kid his/her own room already, then do so. They would do much better having the independence and freedom of having their own rooms. As long as they can be responsible for cleaning their rooms, then allow them this tiny luxury. Your toddlers’ rooms should be nearer the master suite while the teens’ rooms should be farther down the hall to give them—and you—more privacy.

Make It Safe

When renovating the house and redesigning rooms, the one thing that people sometimes forget is making sure it is safe. Sure, a loft in your kids’ bedroom might be a good idea, but only if they are old enough to climb the stairs or ladder. Otherwise, you’re only tempting them to break a rule by putting a loft there and telling them not to climb to it.

While it may be a good idea to make use of the vertical space in a room, it’s something you can put off for the time being. Don’t put things in their rooms that they are not allowed to use or try. Once you turn your back, they are going to pounce on that like a lion to a piece of meat. Also, cover all electrical sockets and put cushioning on sharp corners in the playroom or toddler room. You can’t keep your eyes on them 24/7, so make use of these tools and accessories. 

A renovation project is always a challenging task. But it gets more daunting as more kids join the fray. Make it a fun process for them. It will also change your perspective of the whole renovation process. When you see your kids get excited about painting their own rooms, that will take away the exhaustion of having to deal with contractors and suppliers all day long.

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