Home Design Trends That Won’t Feel Outdated in Ten Years

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When it comes to building or purchasing your dream home and thinking of how best to design it, it may be easy to fall into fad choices and not know which looks can become a classic that still stands the test of time. From the paints to the materials you use, it can either be dated or aesthetically pleasing for years to come.

With house-and-land packages in the western suburbs of Melbourne allowing homeowners to choose their lots and work with a designer, here are some notable design trends to lean into that won’t become a regret in a decade.

Glass splashback

These installations can be a little pricier and more complicated to have done if you have an existing fixture. So if you find a home or plan that has this, you’ve struck upon kitchen design gold.

Designers have noted glass splashbacks as versatile because of the designs you can incorporate into them, and they always add that extra touch of lightness and spaciousness to the area. With the right placement, it changes the vibe of the kitchen and lends a classy touch to it that won’t fade in time.

Functionally, these are also easier to clean and are much less likely to degrade over time than other materials. This factor makes them a practical investment, especially if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Timber flooring

Wood never seems to go entirely out of style, and it always gets incorporated into new trends. Whether the big thing is minimalism, farm chic, or industrialism, there are accents and framing that rely on how wood can tie everything in together.

If you’re not sure what elements to incorporate, a safe bet is to go for timber flooring. Some homes have this in place, and that is only a testament to the lasting appeal of timber. It depends on the vibe you’re going for, whether you pick a light or dark variant, but wood flooring always has the advantage of going with any furniture you place upon it.

For those who want the look but want to save, you can opt for reclaimed wood. It goes for half the price but still uses the same natural elements and has some unique grooves that come with age and use.


Top view of various types of succulent plant pot

Plants can bring life into a room that might otherwise feel drab or cold. Succulents are becoming the go-to choice because they are easy to manage and are the right size for picking and choosing where to place them.

Recently, different designers and magazines have referred to some resurgence of the succulent craze in interior design elements. That goes to show how much lasting power it has and how it can be incorporated into pretty much any theme you want to have in your design. They are versatile in the sense of how you can place them, either alone or in groups, as a centerpiece, accents in shelves, or hanging. To top it all off, they don’t need to be watered as much as other types of plants and can survive in low-light settings.

When setting up your house, you can always stick to the times while making use of gorgeous designs that represent your taste consistently. Doing so will give you the beauty of a home that will last for years.

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