Taking Care of Your Kids Throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Suppose that just a few months ago, your family have been prepared to relocate. You’ve closed a pleasing deal for a beautiful house and land around Werribee or any other suburb city, and all that’s left to do is packing your stuff and leaving. And suddenly, life has taken a drastic, unexpected turn.

A pandemic occurs, forcing you to put a halt on all your plans. Borders are being closed, limiting travel; school and work have been suspended to urge citizens to self-quarantine. It all seemed to happen so fast, overwhelming everyone. Families, especially those with young children, surely have it tough, because the kids may have a bit of trouble understanding the change.

Dealing With Worry and Uncertainty

Being parents, our anxiety has probably never been worse. Since our children were born, all we’ve prioritised is ensuring their health and safety, and now they seem out of our control. We need to watch after them now with extra vigilance, while not forgetting our own health as well. And if our kids are still too young, we have to be careful in showing our emotions.

Thekids will be asking questions, too — why aren’t you at work, why aren’t they in daycare or in school, and why aren’t they allowed to play outside? It would seem easy to answer all those questions, but once you explain to your kid what’s been happening, their worries will be inevitable.

They may ask if you or them will get sick, too. As much as you like stay positive while answering that, it would be best to calmly tell them that you’re making sure that you’ll all stay healthy, and if one of you gets sick, you’ll do your best to heal. You can also show them the doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers who are working hard to help the sick recover.

washing of hands

If they miss their playmates, grandparents, and classmates, you can help them with Facetime or any kind of digital communication to contact those people. If they nearby, you can find chances to make them wave at each other through the windows. Also tell your kids that the safer you all are, the sooner you’ll see your loved ones outside the house again.

And because you’re the only one your kid has during the quarantine, they may be confused why you’re still working instead of bonding with them. In this scenario, explain that your presence at home is to ensure everyone’s safety, but you still have to work. Give them something to do to ease their boredom, like a toy or an entertaining game. You can set a playtime with your kids, so they won’t feel neglected.

Watching Over Your Children’s Hygiene

Hand-washing is the most widespread and helpful advice given to us to avoid the virus, and considering that kids tend to hold objects and surfaces a lot, then possibly put their hands in their mouth afterwards, this habit will have to controlled more strictly. They may grumble on why you’re making them wash their hands a lot more lately. Thoroughly but gently explain to them that viruses get into dirty hands, so you’re avoiding them. 

You also need to pay extra attention to their hygiene. If they’re used to sneezing using a handkerchief, that will have to replaced by tissue paper, which has to be thrown right away after use. If they use their hands to cover their faces while sneezing or coughing, you need to take them straight to the bathroom to wash their hands, and wasting your own, too. You need to teach them to cover their mouth with their sleeve or elbow while sneezing or coughing next time.

And if they seem to show symptoms, which hopefully never happens, call the health information line immediately and follow their recommendations. Continue doing your part to stop the pandemic, so you can proceed with your plans and achieve family milestones as soon as possible.

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